Friday, 22 August 2014


Rosemary! Wonderful in everything/ for everything. It looks great, it smells divine, tastes even better etc etc. My beautiful best friend got married today! She was the most beautiful, picture perfect bride in the whole entire world. The venue was Jane Austen's very own library. The reception held a little way down the road in a glorious garden

I was DELIGHTED to see rosemary at the place settings. I cannot express how much I love this stuff/ the word itself. My mother in law is called Rosemary and she's an incredible lady, Interpol wrote a song called Rosemary, it tastes wonderful on everything (potatoes/ chicken/ lamb/ jam/ honey etc) and the SMELL, goodness me, literally my favourite smell ever. Handwash/ shampoo/ face stuff whatever. 

So I think you get it. I love rosemary. 


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