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Hello, and welcome to "Your Hjem." Peeking into the homes of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles, from all over the globe.

This week I am joined by the stunning Anne, from Copenhagen. She is a teacher and mother to two, Asta and Wille.  After growing up in the countryside on a farm, she met her husband and moved to the city centre. They now live 10 mintues walk from the main city action, overlooking Copenhagen's ancient fortress, which sounds AMAZING.

Welcome to Hjem Anne! I am so excited to have you on the blog with me! Apart from the hair envy- I so wish I could pull off a pixie crop- I love Copenhagen. First of all, how would you describe your interior style?

Our interior style has grown together, with our relationship. When we moved in together after knowing each other for only six months, we didn't quite have the same approach to interior design. Philip hated flea markets, and I couldn't see the beauty in the old leather sofa from the 1960s that he had in his living room. What we discovered, was that we slowly developed a common style, which is a mix of old and new. Classics and IKEA, and indeed it is now Philip that is dragging me and the kids with him to the flea market. Although our style is certainly not the most spectacular, I am proud that it has grown out of us, and how we are together.

I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same with me and Paul. I think it's lovely when you bring two styles together to merge into one, and when it works it's great! Tell us a little about how you selected and acquired your lovely home:

I choose 100% to my taste- if I like what I see (and can afford) I buy it. I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram and magazines, but I choose only objects and furniture if I can imagine them here in our home.
Let's start in the living room, what is your favourite thing in here?
The living room is very simply furnished. Here is a sofa, a coffee table and an armchair. That's it. But on the back wall hangs 9 bookcases, where we have all our books and records, and it brings a warm atmosphere to the room. The sofa is new, but in a classic look. I really like its wooden legs that lift it up and allows air under the heavy furniture. I also love the big window, and the shelf above the radiator, which is an original feature of the property.
We also have a large dining room which is used when we are more than we can sit around the table in the kitchen and as an office or just for play. Here we have a large Egon Eierman table with different chairs around, including Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen and other Danish designers from the 50s and 60s.

I ADORE the natural floorboards!! Favourite thing in the kitchen?

It is in this room we spend most hours. Above the dining table a very dear friend has made ​​a wall tattoo, as I call it . Philip wanted a fishing boat , Asta a superhero and I something round. And then she started just drawing. I look at it every day and it makes me smile .

That is such an original idea, I love that! Your bedroom:
The bedroom is the smallest room in the apartment. We have only a bed, a shelf, a mirror and some hooks. It's nice to sleep in here, especially because the bed is surrounded by walls at 3 sides , so no one falls out when the whole family sleeps in here : -)
Baby's bedroom:

Our children are sharing a room. We have tried to divide the room up a bit, so there is common space and individual space for both of them. Right now it works, but in time we'll  have to find another solution, and I imagine something with a half wall with a big old window to distribute the space.
When the apartment was renovated the plan was to remove the bathtub. But thankfully we stopped them before it was too late. It is when you have small children and in the winters where it is wonderful to sink into a nice hot tub after a long and cold day.
What are you inspired by when you shop for your home?

Other homes.
Any interiorbrands you'd like to claim your undying love for, or any new brands you'd like to share?
Uhh it's hard , because there are very many. My old Fritz Nagel candlesticks I am very fond of.
They are certainly stunning! Finally, what's on your wish list?
A Verner Panton Globe lamp to hang over our Egon Eierman table in the dining room.
ARGH YES! Glorious! Thank you so much for allowing us to see your amazing home! It's making me want to book a flight and visit Denmark right away! In the mean time, here are a few more photos of this wonderful Copenhagen apartment!!


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