Friday, 25 July 2014


After our first carpenter broke his arm, NOTHING TO DO WITH US, we were in panic mode to find another team, albeit a quicker/ faster team, who complained less...
After a four hour trip with Mama to IKEA, and a delivery of ALOT (ALOTTTTTTT) of flat pack boxes, and sourcing a new team, the kitchen quickly started to materialise. The base cabinets went in, the worktops, and then the slate splashback. Next was the wall cabinets, and alot of drawers. Which I was ADAMANT would look glorious, but in hindsight, alot extra work than banging on a few doors.
When we measured the kitchen we were hit with a problem, it was wonky. Very wonky. One side of kitchen was 240cm, the other was 235cm. Most cabinets/ applicances come in 60cm width, which was parfait for one side, but naht so parfait for the other side. We sourced a 55cm fridge and a 55cm freezer, 60cm dishwasher and 60cm base cabinet for the shorter side, leaving 5cm to play with shadow gaps. Sorted? Not quite. We were happy to measure that where the wall cabinets would go on the left hand side was a snug 240, so the wall was wonky vertically also, however, the BOTTOM of the wall cabinets woudn't fit in, so the builders chiselled a bit out of the actual brickwork to make it fit. Where there is a will there is a way! I am since told, kitchens are always a nightmare, I'm beginning to understand.......

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