Thursday, 24 July 2014


The kitchen has been emotional. We moved into the property sans kitchen. I love cooking. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and I gravely underestimated my attachment to the kitchen before moving in. Going in blind was probably better, if I had known the TWELVE weeks that lay ahead would be kitchenless, I think I would've thought twice about moving in so soon!

The original kitchen, I can honestly say, I barely set foot in. It was hideous. Grease was dripping from the ceiling, some kind of black treacle lay (along with a flip flop I hear?) under the cooker, which I've since been informed, made a carpenter of twenty years gag and wretch. The cupboards were covered in thick thick layers of grime and grease. There was no salvaging the kitchen, I was glad to hear, so it was all ripped out. The floor proved extremely difficuly to pull up. The owners before us had laid ceramic tiles with out the correct matting first, they'd laid the tiles directly onto hardboard. So once the tiler had smashed through the tiles, he had to take up the hardboard- a 2 day laborious task. He said it was like taking up an entire floor of dried chewing gum. The plywood floor was then laid, ahead of laying the slate!

I genuinely do not have one photo of the "before" state. In retrospect, I really should have taken pictures, so I could share the horror scene... But the picture start from here.

Above: Plywood floor ahead of slate.


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