Thursday, 24 July 2014


I honestly am not entirely sure where to start with the bathroom. When we bought the property, there was a hole in the floor, and we could say hello to the neighbours below. Not exactly ideal.

The first job in the bathroom was to replace the joists, as they were rotten. We then opened the space up. The original bathroom entrance had one door leading into a cupboard area to the right, another door to the left leading to stairs to the back garden, and yet another door straight ahead leading to the actual bathroom. We opened all of this up, so there was only ONE door. Three doors within 1 square foot seemed a little over the top... The brick wall we took out filled SIXTY HUGE bags of rubble. SIXTY. This was a half wall, not a huge wall at all. I could never have predicted how much mess this would cause.

Above: Original state of bathroom, through the SECOND door... The wall you can see to the right is the wall we removed.

Above: The "cupboard" to the right of the first entrance.

 Above: After replacing the joists, we laid laminate floor salvaged from the living room on top, to hold the brick wall we knocked down. This is not even half the mess it made!

Above: A few of the rubble bags.

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