Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Our little Egyptian Gods. Clarence and Alabama are Egyptians Maus, (translated as Egyptian Cats, surprisingly.) They are the oldest domesticated cat in history and have been house cats since the great Egyptian dynasties. This is part of the reason we chose this breed. We wanted cats that would be happy with being indoors, as I couldn't even bare to think about letting cats out in London, and I can genuinely say, they've never shown one ounce of interest at the outside world, and I swear I can see them laughing at other cats at the window when it's raining outside.
They're relatively new to the UK, and we still get vets asking us what breed they are. I believe a Russian Princess took them to the USA in 1956. They are fiercely loyal to their owners, known to be a bit timid around strangers, but very "dog like" with their family. They have all sorts of chirrups and vocabs, that i've never heard in any other cats. They are also the fasted domestic cats, running up to 30mph, this is due to their hind legs being a little longer than their forelegs, so they always look like they are on their tip toes! They can also jump 6 feet into the air from standing.
Apparently in Egyptian times, people would worship them as "Gods" and when one died people would shave their eyebrows off as a mark of respect?! Crazy!
The famous "egyptian eye make up" is also copied from the Mau's, such trend setters.
So there's a little fact file on our little Maus! Hope you enjoyed! MIAOWWW.

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