Friday, 7 November 2014


Hello and welcome to "Your Hjem." Peeking into the homes of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles, from all over the globe!

This week I am joined my Mariela from Puerto Rico! She is wife to one, and Mama to three. A 9 year old boy, and two dogs, Rocco and Lucas. She takes great influence from Scandanavia, with whites, blacks, soft colours and wood furniture. The juxtaposition of the palms and tropicalities, and the minimal Scandi- style, makes for a wonderfully unique and exciting habitat!

Hello Mariela! Thank you for inviting us into your gorgeous paradise of a home! Please tell us how you came about your house.
Hi! I'm so happy to be featured on your blog. My home was my grandmother's home, so my husband and I have been fixing lots of things for the past few years. It's a small house but we make the most of it.

How wonderful! I love the idea of homes passing through generations! Tell us, what is your favourite thing in your living room!
That's a tough one because I like everything, but I could say the Eames plastic side chair my husband gave me as a present, I always loved those chairs, so I'm really happy about it. Also I can't leave my Andy Warhol print that a dear friend from Italy sent me for my birthday last May.

And venturing over to the kitchen. What is your favourite thing here?
My favorite thing in the kitchen is our wood table that my husband made. I love that it's all wood, the dark color and that he made it.

Wow! That's very impressive! Moving over to your bedroom?
Our bedroom is one room we need to start renovating but I always like our bed.

Super important to have a cosey bed! Your son's room?
I like very much my son's room because all the walls are white so I put color in accessories like the curtains, pillows and prints, it's a happy room.

Oh the bathroom! This is in a renovation phase! So I can only say that I like my Aesop products that a dear friend from Australia sent me haha! I can't lie it's not beautiful right now.

What are you inspired by when you shop for your home?
I get inspired by lots of things specially magazines, I love interior magazines, I love to see different spaces, specially small ones.

Any brands you'd like to claim your undying love for?
I always loved Eames, Artek, for the sake of my friendship with my friend Elia I can't leave Hay haha!, love Fine little Day, Depeapa, Snug studio, 45 wall design, Le Train Fantome and I'm going to stop here or I will not finish!.

Finally: What's on your wish list?
Oh my endless wish list haha! well right now I would love to have the Fine Little Day book and the LTR low table rod base by Eames.

Thank you Mariela! I love how you've styled your home! Truly unique, in a jaw dropping setting! I may have to find an excuse to come visit!!

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