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Hello and welcome to "Your Hjem." Peeking into the homes of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles, from all over the globe.

This week I am joined by gorgeous Maja, who lives in Croatia. She's Mama of two, wife of one, and runs a wonderful business with her partner called pinch • toys - handmade products for kids, which all makes for one lucky woman!

Maja! Hello and welcome! Thanks for agreeing to let us snoop into your gorgreous home! How would you describe your interior style?
I would say it's minimalistic with homey feeling - a mixture of clean lines, wood and mostly white with touches of black and grey. And lots of diy's!
Let's start in the living room, what is your favourite thing in here?
It has to be few things: the open space with a view of the hallway and stairs, natural light and the big exit to terrace. Although, it's the only room in the house that screams for finishing touches. We miss some details and a sofa, but for now we still love hanging out on the floor with the girls. The room is not very representative at the moment but I have a little corner for my work, so I actually really enjoy spending time here as I use it both to work and play.

Favourite thing in the kitchen?
My favourites here are black chalkboard wall, and the worktops cause I like functional space. The kitchen was very important to me and it was our biggest investment when we were moving in. I find it the most important part of the home and we definitely use it the most because we love to cook. For the color I've chosen white that is fresh, eternal and easy to clean.

I love the chalk board paint idea! Your bedroom:
I'm a big sleeper, so the bedroom is definitely my favourite! We don't have a bed but only a mattress  and we love it. Super comfortable! For my side of the bed I use a big box instead of a night stand as I'm crazy for the storage – can't get enough of it! Also I'm a big fan of lamps, so I always use small lighting to create the atmosphere, especially in the bedroom. The things I love the most are diy hanger and the grid board which we just put up recently. It really gave the room a touch of warmth though it's very industrial.

The grid is such a cool idea!! I might have to steal that for our next project! Now onto the girls bedrooms:
We have two smaller rooms for the girls on the upper floor. Katja is the older one and next year she will be a primary schooler, so we have already bought her a big table which she adores, and I'm a big fan of her bed with big drawers for storing all the extra bedding. Greta's nursery is really basic. After she was born I really tried to embrace the pink which I added in details in both of their rooms. I've chosen the soft pink and it really goes well with the soft grey half painted walls. My favourite thing about both rooms is the calmness.
Here, I love the black glass sliding doors that are mostly decorated with tiny fingerprints! It's a very minimalistic bathroom with the combination of black and off white tiles plus the open shower.
What are you inspired by when you shop for your home?
Mostly by Nordic design. When I was little and once dreamed of my home, I used to steal my fathers AD magazines. Now, as a big fan of interiors, I find my inspiration on pinterest and instagram. I could spend hours just watching beautiful homes, especially kids rooms!
Any brands you'd like to claim your undying love for, or any new brands you'd like?
Well, the most of our furniture is Ikea cause of the price, design and availability combination, but I really love and admire Prostoria, Hay, Eames, Hem, Kartell and Muuto.
Finally: What's on for wish list?
As I'm crazy for changing I always have something on the wish list. And then I dream and dream. But I do want new dining chairs. And if certain someone thinks it's too much, he can always buy me a Hay feather duster haha!
Thanks so much for the interview! Your home is absolutely stunning! I will leave you all with some more snaps of Maja's amazing minimalist haven!


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