Friday, 31 October 2014


On Weds, I cycled at work for breast cancer. I can honestly say, it was horrendous. I begged IT to put my soundtrack on, as they were playing horrendous R&B and we all know I'm not a grinder, I'm more of an indie shuffler. So Jen and I cycled to Blur, No Doubt, Pulp, The Strokes, Heaven 17 and Placebo. God Reptilia has helped me through so much in my life.

After about 3 minutes I started to doubt whether I could do it, but then for the majority it was fine, then the last 2 or 3 minutes was agony again. Thank god for Nancy Boy.

When I stepped off the bike, my legs gave way, turned to jelly and I KO'd on the floor. Smooth. A few stretches, and about an hour later, I was fine to go home.

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