Sunday, 26 October 2014


The search for project number two is well underway! We spent all Saturday on foot going from open house to open house. One thing's for sure, the profit margins have narrowed significantly, so maybe we need to change our game plan slightly. Maye stay in the next one for 18 months or so, and let the market move itself. The elections coming up will certainly have a huge impact on property, so we need to make sure we buy somewhere we would be happy staying if needs be! As we were strolling we came across Uptown Burger, on the corner of High Road Leyton and Vicarage Road. It's been open a couple of months, and I can vouch is absolutely wonderful!

I loved the interior, OSB board table tops, exposed brick work and metal chairs. They do a cracking lunch menu of £5.99 for burger, chips and a drink! No excuses! Go, go, go!

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