Sunday, 26 October 2014


A few people have been enquiring about the progress of the grey, so here is a little update.
I am at about eyebrow level at the moment. I keep having moments of weakness, when I just want to dye it! Then Paul or other friends steer me back to the straight and narrow. There are some days it really doesn't bother me, and others when I think it looks like someone's dropped a bag of flour on my head. I think it looks best when tied up into a messy bun, as I can really see what it will look like! This keeps me going also. I think the main issue with growing out grey is seeing what the quality of the grey will be like. Mine appears to still be shiny and not wiry, so I will keep persevering! Elfin locks are on their way!


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  2. Can I ask you..when you put your hair up in a bun, how do you secure the back? Because your hair looks short, but you do such a high, pretty bun!

    1. Hi, my hair is just tucked into my coat here, it's actually quite long, so I dont secure the back with anything! I guess kirby grips would work?.