Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Hello and welcome... A new feature, "Your Hjem." Taking a look into the dwellings of people with inspirational interior style. All different styles!
I start this week with Deborah. I have known Deborah for ten years.
She works for a rather spectacular tea company up north in (not so) sunny Newcastle. She is mama to George, and wife to Kris. She has a knack of taking a playful spin on Scandinavian style, making it her own with no effort at all!
Let's start in the "heart of the home," the kitchen! I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN, and Kris makes the best tea I've ever had:
The kitchen was the first room we tackled. I was 6 months pregnant when we moved in so desperate have the most important room sorted. And clean! Originally a small, narrow kitchen and separate dining room, we knocked down the wall to make a large, dining kitchen. It's the darker side of the house so having two windows now really makes a difference. We also ripped out a downstairs toilet which had been built as part of an extension next to the kitchen and made this a utility room. It's ideal for hiding washing machine/tumble dryer/microwave etc and leaves us a lot more space for storage in the kitchen. My favourite part of this room is the exposed brick chimney breast, complete with £100 fire & surround from ebay! My favourite room in the house.

Meandering over to the living room:
This is the room we spend the most time in, yet have done the least to! In order to have it ready in time for George's arrival we just painted over the wallpaper. We did add another bargain fireplace (again, ebay) and replaced the original 70's psychedelic carpet. So the best part of this room would be our furniture, which will look even better against smooth, white walls eventually!

I do love white walls! Now, your bedroom...
Our bedroom is the brightest room in the house with a lovely outlook on to the garden. We have kept it light and airy, with white walls and minimal furniture so I love how the turquoise shelf above the bed stands out.

The smallest room in the house took the most work. After two years of living with a bath with a door and questionable peach tiles, we recently finished it and finally have a bathroom to be proud of. Yes, the door still hits off the toilet (it really is the words smallest bathroom) but it is clean and simple and NEW! The best part being a roll top bath, which was totally worth paying a bit more for. We kept everything else pretty subtle, sticking to white and grey, adding colour with accessories.


Thanks Deborah! I love how cosy your home feels! I love the bathroom colour pops too!

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